Tuesday, September 4, 2007

TECHHYPE: LCD Screens Almost Obsolete

If you've just bought a state-of-the-art LCD flat-screen, I'm afraid it will soon be obsolete. That's right, researchers at the Cullen College of Engineering

have developed a technique that allows nanotech devices to be mass-produced, which could move the television industry away from the LCD display to the superior field emission display (FED). FEDs use a large array of carbon nanotubes – the most efficient emitters known – to create a higher resolution picture than an LCD.

New nanotechnique producing small things in large quantities at Physorg.com

So start saving up for your new FED -- of course, by the time you finally get it:

Researchers develop a 360-degree holographic display at Engadget

Says Impact Lab : "give the technology to the adult film industry and I'm sure they'll come up with something in no time flat."

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