Wednesday, September 12, 2007

POLITICSHYPE: Only in San Francisco

Maybe I've been paying attention to the wrong things on the news lately. After all, there seems to be a raging war going on in the middle east. So imagine my surprise when I read a news piece about Theresa Sparks, the president of the San Francisco Police Commission. The title of this article is irrelevant to this discussion, because its substance was mostly about how, as a transgender woman, she's sensitive to the needs of that particular population.

Never mind the murder rate in San Francisco, it's apparently more important to Mr/s. Sparks to make sure the cops don't offend any transgendered people or unwittingly aid those who are transphobes. I guess those of us that don't have a spare thirty grand or so to get our plumbing changed in Thailand have different priorities. (maybe s/he had some sort of epiphany in Bangkok while there on R&R from the Vietnam war?) Another hilarious aspect to this only-in-San-Francisco story: Mr/s. Sparks is the current CEO of Good Vibrations.

Maybe the professionals who have been elected or appointed to their positions in San Francisco could focus on more pressing matters... or perhaps that's just too much to ask.

Mr/s. Sparks tells it like it is:

For a similar story, albeit a little more tongue-in-cheek, check out The Daily Hype's take on the priorities of the police in Santa Cruz.

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