Saturday, September 8, 2007

POLITICSHYPE: The Man They Won't Let You Elect

Some say he's a racist, some say he will spearhead total fascist privatization of our government, some say he has no chance to win. ("F*ck Ron Paul" thread at Rigorous Intuition) But whatever he is, I've never heard a politician at this level lay it down like Ron Paul. If he keeps blowing away the rest of the Republicans like he did at last Wednesday's debate, expect the heat to increase on this apparent maverick.

Justin Raimondo at the left-wing seems to approve:

What's this – a presidential candidate who thinks in terms of principles? And a Republican, to boot! Good lord, we can't have that! What is he, some kind of kook?!

So do the nazi-loving white supremacists at

He is simply the best candidate for white Americans to support. In fact, the black population should vote for him as well, due to his stance against illegal immigration. They probably won't, with o'bama running, however. Once again showing their inherent racism against all whites.

Ron Paul at Fox News GOP Debate 9-5-2007

Ron Paul on This Week with George Stephanopolous 7-8-2007
This is where George asks him "what would be success" for Paul in this campaign. Paul replies "Well, to win would be success." and Stephanopolous replies "That's not gonna happen."

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