Tuesday, September 11, 2007

MOVIEHYPE: Resident Evil Extinction

OK, the second one sucked big-time, but here at The Daily Hype, we are hopeful that this videogame-inspired franchise has regained its feet in part three: Resident Evil Extinction. World cinema's number one ass-kicking babe, Milla Jovovich, returns as... uh... what was her name again, honey? Oh yeah -- Alice. And Alice looks badder than ever, wading into a Woodstock of zombies in the trailer. So, maybe wait for the reviews to see if it just bites hard, but if not -- zombies, apocalypse, extinction? Hell, that's entertainment!

Resident Evil Extinction Official Site
Resident Evil Extinction Trailer Page at Movie-List
Milla Jovovich's Home Page
Raccoon City News has a bunch of clips

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