Thursday, September 13, 2007

MOVIEHYPE: Transformers In IMAX

The mega-hit of the summer, Michael Bay's Transformers, has one last stop to make before it hits your flat-screen: your local IMAX theater. If, like me, you managed to resist the temptation of the first run, you are in for a treat, as the IMAX screen is the ne plus ultra of moviegoing these days, with a kicking sound system to match. Plus, an extra five minutes of footage has apparently been added to this release. Of course I won't be blowing my hard-earned (15? 20? Some ridiculous gouging amount of) bucks to have some no-neck sitting up my ace while I try to dig the flick -- only Beowulf and the promise of IMAX 3D will get me back into a public theater after my recent miserable experiences. But maybe you should...

Transformers movie Official Site (with two options to enter - Protect or Destroy. I wonder what percentage of our youthful film-fans pick Destroy)

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