Wednesday, September 12, 2007

DISASTERHYPE: MacGyver To The Rescue

The McCormick Tribune Foundation had a poll asking Americans which fictional character they would want to come to their rescue in the event of a disaster. Apparently, the majority of respondents were somewhat advanced in age as more than one in four voted for Richard Dean Anderson's classic TV hero Macgyver.

From PRNewswire:

Legendary for escaping tough situations by improvising with readily available materials, MacGyver was Americans' top choice (27 percent) for fictional help in an emergency. MacGyver beat out movie character Indiana Jones (16 percent) played by Harrison Ford, and John McClane (14 percent) played by Bruce Willis in the "Die Hard" movies. Others heroes receiving votes include:

- Movie character Jason Bourne played by Matt Damon (8 percent);
- James Bond (8 percent);
- Jack Bauer played by actor Kiefer Sutherland on the series "24" (7 percent);
- And Lara Croft of the movie "Tomb Raider" played by actress Angelina Jolie (7 percent).

Now I don't know about you, but given that slate, my demographic votes overwhelmingly for Lara Croft. Rescue me, baby! But seriously, what a sad comment this is on the decline of American education. We're talking fictional help here, people! Personally, I'm still trying to decide between the Silver Surfer and Superman (played by yatta-yatta and blah-blah-blah).

Facing Disaster, Americans Would Turn To MacGyver For Help, Survey Finds at PRNewswire
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Anonymous said...

If you read the rest of the press release from the McCormick Tribune Foundation you'd see that they're saying that you aren't going to have an action hero... MacGyver, Lara Croft or anyone else... so you better be prepared yourself.

ad said...

Yeah, I read it, and they're absolutely right...