Tuesday, September 18, 2007

SPORTSHYPE: Rugby World Cup

Those of you who are watching your American football or whatever, just don't get it: the ultimate territory sport is rugby. Bar none.

Until you've witnessed the terrifying spectacle of England's Lawrence Dallaglio (see pic below -- though he's now well past his prime, still horrific), the majesty and passion of the New Zealand All Blacks haka (another cool haka youtubed below) , and the ineffable skills of Ireland's Brian O' Driscoll, you really have not seen the zenith of sport.


Brian O'Driscoll Tribute

All Blacks Haka v Australia- 30/06/07

Well, this is the year for the World Cup of Rugby. The top teams in the world are competing (NOW, in France) for the Webb Ellis Cup. And our very own US Eagles are more competitive than ever before (though they certainly won't get out of their first-round Group A). Do yourself a favor. Be patient, figure it out, and enjoy the mayhem, the competition, the sheer mad chaos of rugby. It's like Braveheart with a ball!

Hey Cacetudo, you could probably do this better than me!

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