Wednesday, September 12, 2007

ARCHITECTUREHYPE: The Timeless Lines Of Frank Lloyd Wright

I've been looking for a new house lately, and I've been impressed by the work of this kid, Frank Lloyd Wright. His simple straight lines hide depths of complexity, and somehow just looking at a Wright design is relaxing, yet energizing. To live in one of these homes must make every day a joy.

From Wikipedia:

Wright practiced what is known as organic architecture, an architecture that evolves naturally out of the context, most importantly for him the relationship between the site and the building and the needs of the client. Houses in wooded regions, for instance, made heavy use of wood, desert houses had rambling floor plans and heavy use of stone, and houses in rocky areas such as Los Angeles were built mainly of cinder block. Wright's creations took his concern with organic architecture down to the smallest details. From his largest commercial commissions to the relatively modest Usonian houses, Wright conceived virtually every detail of both the external design and the internal fixtures, including furniture, carpets, windows, doors, tables and chairs, light fittings and decorative elements.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Imperial Hotel, Meiji Mura, Japan

On the other hand, maybe I'll just give the commission to this other kid I've been hearing about -- some guy named Gaudi.

Frank Lloyd Wright at Wikipedia
Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation

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