Tuesday, August 21, 2007

TVHYPE: Fall 2007 -- Two Maybes And A Definitely

The Fall television season is close at hand, and for such an obsolete technology, a lot of energy and attention is still going into and out of it. I probably won't see any of these until they are released on DVD, because I can't stand someone trying to sell me something while I'm trying to follow a story, and if I want to whomp up some guacamole, I don't want to be looking over my shoulder to make sure I don't miss anything. So until a new age of enlightenment brings us high-resolution, downloadable, non-DRM media at a reasonable price (don't hold your breath), I'll be waiting for DVDs (which of course will force me to sit through a brief warning from the FBI every time I put them in the player). Hey studios -- excellent way to dilute the hype!

Heroes 2nd Season premieres Sept 24
The first season was excellent: surprising, funny, suspenseful and exciting. Good actors and a good storyline. The concept leaves it wide open for creator Tim Kring to go in any number of promising directions. Hopefully, season two will be just as well thought out.

Prison Break 3rd Season begins Sept 17
The first season was brilliant, cliffhanger after cliffhanger after cliffhanger. After every episode we were asking "How the hell will they get out of that?" And the whole season ended the same way, leaving you eager for the second season. Unfortunately, once out of prison, some of the tension seemed to ease, and some of the plot points and action began to verge on the wildly implausible. The cast is great though, and I'm rooting for "Prison Break" to get over its sophomore slump.

The Wire 5th Season Feb 3 or Feb 10 2008
Those two are TV in its standard format, built for advertising, shying away from anything too controversial or challenging. This is something completely beyond. Simply put, the best show on television bar none. Even The Sopranos could never match the level of complexity, reality and narrative drive that The Wire seems to achieve without effort. If you haven't seen it (and way too many people haven't) get season one on DVD now -- by the time the fifth season starts in February, you can probably be caught up.

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