Monday, August 27, 2007

ANIMALHYPE: Loose in Atlanta

Today Michael Vick plead guilty to a federal dogfighting conspiracy charge. Michael Vick was the star quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons football team. He was accused of horrific cruelty to the dogs who did not "make the cut". In my opinion, he is one of the many young, rich, Americans that feel "entitled" and seem to not be held accountable for their abhorrent behavior. Michael Vick described himself as "immature" about vile, cruel and evil? How about feeling so insignificant as a human being that you felt that you needed to prove your strength and prowess by using dogs ripping each other to shreds to demonstrate your power? How about really examining the real reason behind becoming involved in the barbaric "sport" of dogfighting? Instead, we hear that Michael Vick has found Jesus. Convenient. Instead of taking the opportunity to discuss how the young, black men of America have been made to feel so powerless and insignificant that the only way they can develop any self esteem, so vital for survival, is by violence and overpowering others?

Nah, finding Jesus means that all is forgiven and one should not be held accountable. After all, the devil made me do it....

And then this: Orangutan on the loose!....seems that there are wild animals loose in Atlanta.

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