Tuesday, August 21, 2007

FAMILYHYPE: 3 Day vacation

Summer is drawing to a close and the kids will return to the daily educational grind next week. Hubby and I were thinking..."we should take a short vacation". It has been a very busy year for us and the weather unbearably hot so we have been home (in the conditioned air) all summer. A quick trip over to Utah to visit some extended family seemed like just the tonic we needed. It would be a road trip, 8 hours in the car, leaving at 4:30AM! Sometimes our vacations seem more like work.

While were were visiting the Great Salt Lake we found a little tourist destination called Antelope Island which looked like fun so, off we went. A drive along a 2 mile causeway was the funniest part of our entire trip as we tried to explain how the kids needed to just "plug your nose and breathe through your mouth". Once on the island we drove another couple of miles and found...Bison!! Just like out on the plains only they were walking across the paved road in front of our car. They made snorting sounds and stared at us, looking like they would charge us any second. They especially did not appreciate us yelling out the window "hi, little buffalo" to their babies.

We felt very happy to see that these Bison had been moved to this animal sanctuary so that people could take a short drive to see these magnificent animals just as the plains indians had seen them hundreds of years ago. We explained the idea of preservation of endangered species to the kids, hoping to impress upon them the importance of environmental protection.

Imagine our surprise as we checked the lunch menu for the small cafe on the island:

Well, we tried....

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