Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Most recently, Louis CK cowrote with Chris Rock Rock's new movie, "I Think I Love My Wife", which is worth watching. He also directed the cult favorite "Pootie Tang", also starring Rock, apparently a good friend of his. Additionally, he has written and directed numerous short films. But where Louis CK really shines is onstage, before a live audience. This guy is one of the funniest standup comics I've ever seen, with the instinctive timing and hint of genuine madness that defines the true greats of the field. It amazes me that I saw him recently at a small comedy club here in town. This guy should be drawing thousands whenever he plays live. His HBO special was called "Shameless", and that pretty much says it, and it's probably his willingness to go to extremes that keeps him from greater popularity. If you have the intestinal fortitude to laugh while those around you are throwing up or praying to God, you are in for a truly great comedic experience.


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