Tuesday, August 21, 2007

SHOESHYPE: Nike Jumpman Jeter Vital

These shoes rock -- they contain an internal "sleeve" that holds your heel in place, and I dig the simple but bold design. But nothing I say can tell you more than these comments from MyAirShoes.com commentators:

  1. lil clint Says:

    dumb wat numba 1 said dem junks is hard im go get some and roc dem junks all da time so u already kno u already slo.check ya boi.

  2. Senor Paricutin Says:

    i know that and im freakin 13

  3. Senor Paricutin Says:

    i definetly gettin some

Like I said -- check 'em out. Plus they come in six different color schemes. I already bought twelve pair.

Jumpman Jeter Vital at MyAirShoes.com
(I would've linked to the Nike.com product page, but that site is straight wack, yo, all Flash and shit)

Oh yeah, and on the sole there's a picture of Jeter and the words "Respect is earned when no one is looking."

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