Tuesday, February 5, 2008

MUSICHYPE: Human Beatboxes

When it comes to making music, humans are pretty innovative. If you've never seen somebody beatboxing, then you're in for a surprise. Radioactive, who's in the first video below, has been around for a while. I saw him tear it up with Karl Denson and Galactic at the Mountain Aire festival in 2000, and have one of his CD's. It was crazy - nearly 30 minutes of continuous beatbox mastery!

Here's Radioactive at the Independent in San Francisco (the venue formerly known as the Justice League). Halfway through he breaks out a set of pan pipes and uses them to great effect:

There's another guy who deserves beatboxing props. Apparently he won over the judges on the French version of American Idol with his take on Michael Jackson's Thriller, flowing into a bunch of other well-known Top 40 and Hip-Hop numbers:

Then there's Rahzel. This guy is also the man, and explains a little bit about the art in this video:

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