Thursday, January 31, 2008

POLITICSHYPE: Thematic Campaign Mapping

With all the noise about the American Presidential campaign in the media, it can be hard to discern longer-term patterns. The various talking heads are always ready to supply the soft-brained with the sound bite or talking point of the moment (and there is no shortage of soft-brained people in this country).

However, for those interested in a geographic breakdown of where the candidates have been spending their time, the New York Times Election Guide has put together a database of campaign events. That's obviously quite a bit of work in and of itself, but they've presented this information in an Adobe Flash GIS application. It's really quite interesting to see where the candidates pressed the most flesh and kissed the most babies.

This should only get better as the campaign continues... but what's with Iowa? They sure seem to be enjoying a whole lot of attention so far!

If you appreciate this type of data visualization, you'll definitely be interested in the Atlas of Cancer Mortality in the United States. More hype on that later.

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