Thursday, February 7, 2008

SPORTSHYPE: The New Yankee Stadium

There is a rule of combat that goes something like this: "To those that have shall be given; from those that have not shall be taken even what little they have."

In that spirit, I give you the New Yankee Stadium:

Designed by the masters of modern ball park design, HOK Sport (also responsible for Coors Field and AT&T Park, among many others, this sounds like just the place for the undisputed spending champions of the baseball world:

The new Yankee Stadium will have party suites, a members-only restaurant, a martini bar and a price tag to match all the luxury — $1.3 billion, up from the original estimate of $1 billion.

"We tried to reflect a five-star hotel and put a ballfield in the middle," said Yankees chief operating officer Lonn Trost, who hosted a media tour Thursday.

There will be a conference area with video conferencing so that a corporate group could have a daylong meeting and then stay for a game. A concierge will be available to procure theater tickets or restaurant reservations.

There will be 51 luxury suites, two large outdoor suites and eight party suites with seating for up to 410 people in total.

The 58-by-103-foot center field television screen will be six times the size of the video screen at the current stadium.

Yep, those smug Yankee bastiches will have the state-of-the-art yard. Well, just remember: it's more fun to try and beat the Yankees than it is to be the Yankees.

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