Friday, February 22, 2008

WEBHYPE: Rigorous Intuition

"People are crazy and times are strange."
Bob Dylan

And if you want to go down the rabbit hole to find out just how crazy and just how strange, the best place to start is with Jeff Wells, the "cautiously pessimistic Canadian author and satirist" responsible for Rigorous Intuition, and his gang of crazy posters: et in Arcadia ego, chiggerbit, Sepka the Space Weasel, JackRiddler, 8bitagent, and Hugh Manatee Wins, to name a few.

These guys live down the rabbit hole, and they will be glad to explain in excruciating detail just how wrong everything you know is. From classic paranoia like the JFK assassination and Roswell to modern hits like 9/11 and the 2012 Apocalypse, they've got the details, they've got the links, and they've got this sneaking suspicion that nothing is what it seems to be.

It's at the Discussion Board that the subject matter wheels most freely, with threads like "Was Giant UFO From Another Dimension?", "Elmo Doll Threatens To Kill 2-year-old", and "Federal Reserve Losing Control", but on the blog, Jeff himself takes over, and he's a wonderful writer with a deep and far-reaching interest in "our predicament".

From a recent post:

It could have been another inside joke of the archly ironic universal mind that found Arlen Specter in Rawalpindi when Benazir Bhutto was struck down by her own magic bullet. If nothing else it does have good comic timing, but we've all seen its routine before and heard all the punchlines. Ever since the Roman Republic cut down the Gracchi brothers you'd think the assassination of another patrician reformer should cease to astonish, and perhaps at last it has. We've been living this hell long enough we should expect it, as Bhutto herself almost certainly did. Our dying oceans incubate slime and bloom strange with jellyfish, North America's birds are disappearing on the order of tens of millions, and amphibians the world over are tumbling to extinction. It's 2008, the "Year of the Frog" to "generate public awareness and understanding of the amphibian extinction crisis which represents the greatest species conservation challenge in the history of humanity." But to too many, 2008 will be a triumph of sorts simply because Bush and Cheney will be out of office by its end. "Change" and "Hope" are great vote multipliers, but to imagine that merely outlasting a term limit could be something like a victory is to misunderstand the meaning of public office in a deep criminal state, and to misapprehend our intractable circumstance whose closest analogy may be damnation.

If you check it out, try not to read too much at a time. Too much truth can make you crazy. But if you don't check it out, like the masthead says: "What you don't know can't hurt them."

Rigorous Intuition Blog
Rigorous Intuition Discussion Board


Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention:

Dogananda, Irridescent Cuttlefish, Great Galactic Ghoul, and Richard.

Desert said...

I know for a fact one of those mentioned is a disinfo agent.