Wednesday, February 6, 2008

MOVIEHYPE: Asian Action

Dragon Tiger Gate (2006)

Crying Freeman (1995)

Maybe you think all I care about is movies based on comic books -- you would be so wrong. These two action extravaganzas from the Far East are, in fact, based on manga. So there...


If there is one Hong Kong movie people are looking to this year, it's probably this one: Dragon Tiger Gate. Based on the long-running comic book from creator Tony Wong Luk-Wong, Dragon Tiger Gate has elements that propel it beyond your average local production into something designed to induce Pavlovian responses from action-starved international audiences. Dragon Tiger Gate has it all: copious martial arts, hot young idols, righteous posturing, noble comic book concepts, and above all, Donnie Yen.

龙虎门 Dragon Tiger Gate: Donnie Yen Restaurant Brawl


A lethal assassin for a secret Chinese organisation, who sheds tears of regret each time he kills, is seen swiftly and mercilessly executing three Yakuza gangsters by a beautiful artist. She is captivated by the grace of his kill and later falls in love with him. An intense power struggle for the leadership of the Yakuza Clans ensues as they seek vengeance for the death of their leader. They soon realise the fatal mistake of underestimating the deadly skills of the Crying Freeman.

Dragon Tiger Gate trailer at YouTube
Crying Freeman teaser at Movie-List

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