Monday, February 18, 2008

ADVERTISINGHYPE: Ads That Are Better Than The Show You're Watching

Especially when you consider the low quality of many of the shows on cable these days, sometimes it seems like you're putting up with the silly program just waiting for the commercial break, when you might see a 30-second shot of pure genius. Of course, most commercials are trash, and unless you're watching the Super Bowl, the great ones are few and far between. Broadcasters and advertisers alike should realize that it would benefit everyone if the show or sporting event or movie was shown uninterrupted, and then followed by a well-thought-out compilation of advertising. I personally know several avid shoppers and fans of short-form cinema who would be more interested in the ads.

Several of these come to us courtesy of NoFatClips!!!, and represent a tiny fraction of what's available at that great site.

Bridgestone Tire - Scream

Spike Jonze for Ikea

Coke: It's Mine from NoFatClips!!!

Centraal Beheer - Acupuncture from NoFatClips!!!

Shell - The Circuit
from NoFatClips!!!

Sony Bravia - Balls (Extended Version)
from NoFatClips!!!

Ads of the World

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