Tuesday, April 8, 2008

LUXURYHYPE: Blancpain CGI Action Video

If you've ever wondered what makes a real watch tick, then this article is for you. Watches labeled "automatic" are not powered by batteries, but rather by the traditional method of springs, gears, jewels, ratchets, and the like. The easy way to tell if a watch is an automatic model is to look at the second hand - if it ticks from one second to the next, it's a battery-powered quartz model. If it sweeps, it's an automatic. However, beware of the many knock-off and outright counterfeit products out there, which may exhibit different behaviors than expected.

First, check out a video of the movement (interior, or guts, if you will) of one of Blancpain's models. It's very well done, and the music is surprisingly un-annoying.

Blancpain also has a model with the Equation Marchante complication that's worth reading about if you have any kind of appreciation for astronomy. If that doesn't amaze you, have a look at the article on Europastar called "The Frenzy of the Third Dimension".

This is just the tip of the iceberg, and be forewarned: many people have taken a look at this world and fallen completely into it.


ad said...

Nice post, Cacetudo... seriously. The last sentence in particular. Oh, I got one for you -- JustMe sent it to me. I'll blog it now.

Just Me said...

Agreed, nice post, cool video.