Saturday, February 20, 2010

MUSICHYPE: Jumpin' Jack Flash

Imagine it's 1969 -- no one's ever heard any Matchbox 20, Parliament, Rage Against The Machine, Michael Jackson, Shania Twain...

Check out footage never seen before (by me, which is what really matters) of the ROLLING STONES in Prime Time -- The World's Greatest Rock 'N' Roll Band. As I like to say about Barry Lamar Bonds, "We will never see his like again in our lives..."

MICK! KEEF! AAAAAAHHHHH! I wanna scream like a little girl!

The Rolling Stones -- "Jumpin Jack Flash" circa 1968(?)

I know I know -- I'm old and in the way... but if anybody can point me to some young punk who has the stage command and sheer ferocity of my boy Mick I'll eat my fedora... all of this going without saying that all the cool kids know it was Keith who drove this f*ckin powerhorse engine.

Damn I love the Internet!