Thursday, August 27, 2009

ADVERTISINGHYPE: Race to Twickenham

The rugby season is about to begin in England. This is the Guinness Premiership, which is contested by the top 12 professional clubs in the country.

Sky Sports, the network that has the broadcast rights to these games, has put a promotional spot together for the beginning of the season that reminds us of Keep The Ball Alive (which we wrote about recently), a piece from several years ago showcasing the best talent in the Rugby World Cup. In fact, we wouldn't be surprised if the same creative staff was involved in producing both pieces.

And so: it's the Race to Twickenham!


Ad said...

Damn! Where's my commercial?

ad said...

OK it's back -- what a lovely commercial! I want the extended, HD version ...! DAMN! Who do I have to give 40 pounds/mo to to get that? And how much of my biometric info/blood are they entitled to if I watch it?

Sheesh.. The modren world is so dificil...?